How to create a Landing Page in WordPress

How to create a Landing Page on WordPress


Creating Landing Pages on WordPress is fairly easy by using the plugins so I am going to use Ultimate Landing Page Premium plugin. Using this plugin is fairly easy and speed up the process of landing page creation.

After installation open the Landing Page settings from your WordPress dashboard menu and click Add New.

Select a template in this tutorial I am choosing template-8 you’ll have to select template 8 from both places 1st meta box lets you select the template you want to use in your landing page and second meta box lets you choose the template to edit.

Install the plugin and follow instructions below to create a landing page in WordPress in less time.

1. Select a Template














2. Select a template to edit and data save method :








3. Add your content in the fields Ultimate Landing Page plugin makes it a lot easier with visual template editor. Adding content is pretty easy with this plugin.

























4. Set colors for your landing page and its content each landing page is divided into three sections and colors are set accordingly :  

















5. Visually the Landing Page is ready now but there are few things which are very important for any we page like SEO Ultimate Landing Page plugin allows to enter the required data for SEO of the landing page so go ahead to next meta box and enter meta data about your landing page.











6. Landing Page is now finished, next things are optional if you are using MailChimp or  if you are a web developer/designer who wants to tweak the design or add some functionality to its Landing Page then you must read next steps. Adding required MailChimp info (API key and List ID). 

Getting your MailChimp API key :Find your API key

Getting your MailChimp List ID : Find your list ID

After getting your MailChimp list ID and A key just paste it into the fields of MailChimp metabox.








7. This last part is for web designers/developers, Designers can add custom CSS and tweak the design of the Landing page don’t like the font size change it logo is too big make it smaller you can tweak everything by adding custom CSS to custom CSS meta box.

8. Developers can add functionality like pop ups, alert box etc by adding Java Script code to your Landing Page and it offers endless possibilities for your landing page functionality.
















In the end this is how our Landing Page looks like :




You can get Ultimate Landing Page plugin here :  Ultimate Landing Page Premium