Scrollbar Designer

Scrollbar Designer Premium

Easy-to-use solution to have a custom scrollbars compatible with desktop,laptop, tablet and phone devices.
Simple installation and activation, it works with NO modification of your code.

Very stylish scrollbars, with no occupation on your window (original browser scrollbars need some of page space and reduces window/div usable width


Regular Price $20 on Sale $15


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Facilities Plugin Features
Easy to installation. On/Off switch.
Unlimited colors themes. Auto Hide Scrollbar.
Scrollbar Width Customizable. Scrollbar Cursor Color.
Speed & Auto Hide mode Customizable. Scrollbar Cursor Width.
Responsive for all devices. Scrollbar Cursor Boarder Width.
Supports all major browsers. Scrollbar Cursor Boarder Style.
For all WordPress versions. Scrollbar Cursor Boarder Color.
Custom control. Scrollbar Cursor Boarder Radius.
And many more… Rail Color With Opacity.
Fully integrated with jQuery. Scrollbar Opacity When Active.
Compatible with jQuery UI, jQuery Touch, jQuery Mobile. Mouse Scroll Step.
// Smoth Scroll.
// Mouse Wheel Scroll.