Ultimate Landing Page – Setting Up The Autoresponder

Setting Up Autoresponder Email In Ultimate Landing Page Plugin


Sending automatic emails with WordPress Ultimate Landing Page plugin is very simple. All you need is the Plugin and few minutes to set it up.

In this guide you’ll know how to setup the email newsletter feature of the plugin. This feature automatically sends emails to those who subscribe to your mailing list at the same moment.


Setting Up Newsletter















1. Open the Newsletter Page from you Landing Page menu.

2. Enable automatic newsletter.

3. Enter the name you want to display on delivered email.

4. Enter the email from which you want to send the email – Make sure it is the same as your website URL. e.g : example@example.com

5.  Set the content of your email you can add html links,buttons,images and also embed videos.


This is how the email I setup looks in gmail.




Get premium version of the plugin here : Ultimate Landing Page Premium

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